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Hello world, welcome to my new blog

I can't believe how incredibly dated the word "blog" sounds in February 2018. But that's exactly what this is - it's my new blog. I don't expect to get a lot of readers due to it being 20fucking18, but I really only set this thing up so that future me 
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Moving to Europe in a nutshell

A video that better conveys our feelings about having moved to Europe simply does not exist.   Your browser does not support the video tag.   Video by Aunt Tylor  
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The other thing I like about the Netherlands

I guess there's more than one thing I like about the Netherlands after all. Although this one kinda applies to all of Europe, not just the Netherlands: the markets. Or farmers markets as they're called in North America. On Tuesdays and Saturdays the streets around Rotterdam Blaak turn into a 
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The one thing I like about the Netherlands

Up until my early twenties I used to like where I lived. After all, I had it pretty good - I had my own room, my parents stayed off my case, I had a lot of good friends, enough money to enjoy life, and there was enough going on in 
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...but where are the comments?

Well they're not here, that's for sure. I was a little surprised when I noticed this new platform I'm using to write down my thoughts didn't come with comment support by design. To be fair, unless you have an established community, blog comments are rather pointless in 2018 and mostly 
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Life sans Facebook

The first time I deactivated my Facebook account was around my birthday last year, in an attempt to avoid the fake "happy birthday" wishing shitshow that ensues every year thanks to Facebook reminding people that it's my birthday. Birthdays stopped being a big deal for me after I turned 18 
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