Life sans Facebook

2 min read February 7, 2018 at 11:44am on social and tech

The first time I deactivated my Facebook account was around my birthday last year, in an attempt to avoid the fake "happy birthday" wishing shitshow that ensues every year thanks to Facebook reminding people that it's my birthday. Birthdays stopped being a big deal for me after I turned 18 (they should stop being a thing when you turn 12 really), so I'm not too keen on everybody reminding me that yet another year has gone by, especially when it's people I rarely talk to in real life.

The second time I deactivated my Facebook account was at the end of January when I got fed up with all the negative shit some of my friends kept on spewing on there. It's their right to do so and I know all too well that I can unfollow them, but even so I'd be stuck with people sharing stuff I mostly don't care about - I'd much rather get my information from Reddit. Facebook stopped being personal - and for good reason as it's collecting a bit too much information for comfort - and it suddenly became boring and even annoying at times.

When I saw the video where Chamath Palihapitiya is borderline urging people to stop using social media I realized things are more dire than we might've initially thought. The guy was a Facebook exec and when I met him in Toronto in 2010 during my startup days, he was still praising the Facebook platform although he had already left the company by then. His change of heart only confirms the fact that Facebook has gone down the shitter and has become nothing but a government tool to spy on people.

I'm not going to delete my account just yet as I might need it at some point in the future, but it will definitely stay inactive for a while. The people I want to stay in touch with know how to reach me anyway.