The one thing I like about the Netherlands

2 min read February 9, 2018 at 7:56am on expat

Up until my early twenties I used to like where I lived. After all, I had it pretty good - I had my own room, my parents stayed off my case, I had a lot of good friends, enough money to enjoy life, and there was enough going on in my home town to keep me entertained. Looking back that last part might've been just me not having very high expectations, but that's a different story altogether.

Things began to change when I started university. Going out and getting smashed every weekend was still fun, but somehow I realized that it would eventually get old and my home town had little more to offer, so I gave in to my dad's requests and moved to Canada.

As some of you might recall that wasn't exactly easy for me - being on your own in a foreign land with a foreign culture at an age where your friends are still living at home and partying every other night can be pretty tough on your morale, and having a partner who isn't supportive at all doesn't particularly help either.

There were many things that I disliked about Canada and a few that I downright hated, such as the cold weather, some people's fakeness, and Nickelback. But as time went by I started getting used to my new life, made friends and built relationships, moved around, switched jobs, started businesses, paid taxes (reluctantly), understood the culture, and basically integrated, save for still not caring about hockey and not celebrating Thanksgiving nor Remembrance Day. But right now there are certain things I downright miss about that place.

The cold weather is not one of them.

Neither is this fuck, in case you were wondering

Which brings us to the subject of this article - just like with Canada over a decade ago there are plenty of things I dislike about the Netherlands, but the winters are not one of them. Even though it snowed for a grand total of two days back in December and this week has been the coldest they've had in a while, -4°C has got nothing on me after years and years of -20°C. These winters are mild, and while Rotterdam isn't exactly Barcelona, I can still wear my fall jacket and biking in wintertime can almost be pleasant if wearing gloves.

The only problem is that apparently the summers aren't that much different from the winters over here.

In conclusion, if you enjoy where you live consider yourself lucky. I wish I could feel the same way about the Netherlands, but alas I'm starting to think that that awesomely perfect place doesn't really exist for everyone.